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Know the True Cost of Travel

Check out the RST True Cost Calculator and compare the true cost of travel from Rochester International Airport versus driving all the way to Minneapolis to fly. Enter the fare you’ve found from RST and MSP and the number of days you’ll be parking and let the True Cost Calculator take care of the rest! Customize your results even more by adjusting the value of your time (typically based on hourly pay rate), mileage rate, parking costs and more — just click the link below the calculator to adjust these values!

To + From RST To + From MSP
Input your Airfare
Mileage $0.00 {{calculator.distance * calculator.mileage | currency}}
Travel Time $0.00 {{calculator.distance / 65 * calculator.hourly | currency}}
Days Parking
Est. Total Cost {{'rst') | currency}} {{'msp') | currency}}


Mileage based on {{calculator.distance}} miles round-trip to MSP at the 2023 IRS rate of {{calculator.mileage | currency}}/mile. Travel time assumes an average speed of 65 miles per hour and is valued at {{calculator.hourly | currency}}/hr. Parking rates are based on $9/day for 1-6 days (free on the 7th day) at RST and $19/day at MSP (Value lot, regular rate).

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