Caring Tails Pet Therapy

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Caring Tails Pet Therapy Program

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The Rochester International Airport (RST) team provides exceptional, Customer-First service. We care for each and every customer and strive to create a unique, positive traveling experience. As anxieties can be heightened when traveling, we wish to lower stress levels by providing a pet therapy program.

The RST "Caring Tails" Pet Therapy program is an opportunity to provide an enhanced airport experience, provide stress relief, comfort and care to customers through interactions with registered therapy dogs. The "Caring Tails" therapy dog team is an excellent addition to the Customer-First service at RST.

Trained dogs and handlers visit the main terminal during peak times, visiting customers awaiting departure and arriving from inbound flights to provide comfort, as well as airport information. Volunteers wishing to apply must be currently registered with a recognized dog therapy organization. The dog must belong to the handler and be at least 2 years of age.



Every volunteer will go through an in-terminal orientation to learn about RST and how to assist customers.  They will also complete a walk-thru with their dog to make sure the airport is a good fit for both volunteer and dog.

Roles of RST "Caring Tails" Pet Therapy volunteers:

  • Relieve customer stress and anxiety
  • Inform and assist customers with questions
  • Promote the RST "Caring Tails" Pet Therapy program


Contact: Airport Administration, 507-282-2328 ext. 6,