Runway Improvements

Runway markings

Project overview

Runway 2/20 has reached the end of its useful life and requires reconstruction. Uninterrupted air access is necessary for the critical users of Rochester International Airport (RST). Air ambulance operations, cargo carriers transporting medical supplies and patient travelers rely on RST remaining open 24/7. Construction is underway on a multi-year project to reconstruct and improve the airfield.

Read the press release: RST breaks ground on $79.2M Runway Improvements Project

Project Funding

RST gratefully received financial support from a combination of federal, state and local agencies to fund this project.

Federal Aviation Administration $ 62.8 million

State of Minnesota                       $  11.4 million

City of Rochester                          $  5.0 million

TOTAL PROJECT COST               $ 79.2 million

Project components

Reconstruction and improvements to Runway 2/20 and associated taxiways

Instrument approach improvements

Reconstruction of runway intersection

Environmental analysis and site mitigation

Land acquisition and utility and road relocation

Specifically the project will include:

  • A 1,647-foot extension to Runway 2/20 and Taxiway B resulting in ultimate 8,354-foot runway
  • New 40-inch pavement section (sand, gravel, pavement)
  • 12,000-pound concrete breaker used for the project
  • 275,000 square yards of pavement removed and recycled
  • 7 million cubic yards of material excavated
  • 8 miles of underdrain tile to improve drainage
  • 13 miles of underground electrical cable and conduit
  • 500 new LED runway and taxiway lights

Environmental Assessment

RST completed environmental review processes for these proposed airfield improvements in 2021 and 2023 and received environmental clearance for the project from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Final Supplemental EA documents and the FAA’s Findings of No Significant Impact/Records of Decision are available on the EA webpage.