Map of the RST terminal


Rochester International Airport features a covered drop-off and pick-up area with a dropped curb and designated handicap loading areas for easy entry and exit. Please note that vehicles must remain attended at all times. Handicapped parking is available for guests displaying a permit and wheelchairs are available at the terminal entrance and exit. Skycap services are available on request.

The main terminal is one consistent level covered with slip-resistant, low-pile, unpadded carpeting in all public areas except restrooms and stairs which feature textured ceramic tile. Two elevators are available for the second-floor gate areas and administrative offices.

Quiet rooms with adjacent private accessible, single-use restrooms are available to passengers upon request pre and post-security. TSA agents wearing white lanyards are trained as passenger support specialists and the airport offers sunflower lanyards to passengers wishing to identify hidden disabilities.

Concerns or complaints about the accessibility of the airport and services should contact Deputy Director, Kurt Claussen by calling 507-361-3901 or emailing [email protected].