4 Reasons
to Fly RST

Have You Flown RST?

If you haven't flown with us yet, you're in for a treat. You'll save time and stress when you choose the convenience of Rochester International Airport (RST) for your next trip.

1. 🚗 Car to Gate in Less than 5️⃣ Minutes

Our adjacent flat lot parking features convenient walkways leading you directly into the terminal. Delta and American agents are located immediately inside if you need to check a bag or ask a quick question before heading to your gate. With just five gates to choose from, you'll be there in just a few steps.

2. Less Time ⏱ in the Security Line

You'll find that our compact terminal layout and nearby parking aren't the only time-saving features at RST. Our airport's security lines are known to be short, efficient, and staffed with the friendliest Transportation Security Agents (TSA) around--many trained passenger support specialists.

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3. Nicest TSA Agents 😊 You'll Ever Meet

In Minnesota, we're known for being nice. RST agents are no exception but don't take our word for it, our passengers say it all.

  • "Awesome airport. It's so easy to check in and go through security."
  • "Staff are so friendly and competent and it is quiet and easy to get through security."
  • "Very friendly and service-oriented. An absolute pleasure, especially compared to MSP."
  • "Kind people willing to help with my limited mobility issues. I like small airports, this is one of the best!"

4. Your Comfort ➕ Our Priority

Skycaps greet passengers offering mobility assistance, and luggage handling to and from the curbside. Visiting Mayo Clinic? Our dedicated concierge is ready to help you with personalized assistance. Our airport also features private spaces called quiet rooms that offer a peaceful retreat, allowing you to unwind before your flight. Simply ask an airport employee with a badge and escape for a moment of serenity.

Choosing to fly RST means less stress and more convenience. Search flights direct to RST next time you travel and if you need help comparing the true cost of traveling direct or to a nearby airport, try our true cost calculator.

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