Fly RST to Paris (easier than you think!) and see Taylor Swift LIVE in concert!

Just how easy is it to fly to Paris from Rochester?

As little as one layover. Yeah, really.

But you may be thinking, "Why wouldn't I just drive straight to one of those bigger airports then to catch a direct flight? Why deal with a layover? Isn't that more time-consuming and expensive?"

Au contraire, mon ami.

It's not actually quite that simple. Many people tend to forget that there are other factors besides just the flight itself:

  • You have to take the time to drive there (and either deal with neverending road construction or winter weather).
  • You have to pay to park your car for as many days as you're gone.
  • There's a shuttle from the parking lot to the airport.
  • And once you finally arrive, you're still a tram ride and hundreds of steps from your gate.

Take a look at our True Cost Calculator below to see how the time and costs stack up. 👇

Yikes, right? So what if you don't want to deal with all that? What if you just want to breeze through TSA in five minutes flat, kick back with a drink, and blast Speak Now (Taylor's Version) through your earbuds while you people-watch at your gate? (That's definitely not what we do or anything... 👀)

Enter Rochester International Airport (that's us). 

We've got some nice perks. First off, you're going to save a lot of time and headaches by flying out of a smaller airport. Swift security never goes out of style. ✨ Also, gotta say, our TSA agents are really nice, even by non-TSA standards.


So once your breeze through security with no bad blood, you can get to your gate within a few minutes of entering the airport with plenty of time to grab some truly delicious food and drinks. After that, your time is yours to do with as you please.

Sounds a lot chiller than dealing with the chaos of a big terminal, right?

So keep us in mind for your next flight – fingers crossed, it's one to Paris to go see the concert of a lifetime! And here's a reminder to put your name in for the contest in case you haven't yet! 👇

Packing for paris

Pull out those sparkling sequins, flowy dresses, and friendship bracelets: it's time to plan your outfits and pack for the City of Lights! (Yes, we know the contest isn't over yet, but we can still be ready!)

Outside of your concert outfit, here are a few other things we recommend make it into your bag:

  • Your favorite cardigan (for those cool nights!)
  • A day bag with anti-theft technology
  • A portable charger (gotta get those pics)!
  • Electrical plug adapters (France is on a different system than the US)
  • Important documents (like your passport, license, and credit cards)
  • Comfortable walking shoes (no high heels on cobblestones here)
  • Nicer outfits for your time out in the city (Parisians polish up real nice)

Can't wait for the contest to end?

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