Safe Travel

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Your safety is our priority. 

Gate at RST

  • RST and Mayo Environmental Services partner to ensure all public spaces meet strict CDC Covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting guidelines and PPE is used by all cleaning staff.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for you in all areas.
  • With ample space and few lines, you will have room to maintain social distancing at RST.
  • The parking lot is fully-automated. Cash is accepted only at the pay station in the terminal. Credit cards can be used at any entrance/exit. Please use the intercom for assistance if needed.
  • While not required, the CDC still recommends the use of face masks during travel. RST has masks available for free, please see an RST Team member for assistance.






Dr. Stacey Rizza - Mayo Clinic shares tips for safe travel


RST Covid 19 procedures

Airlines will continue to adjust flight schedules based on demand. For airline updates, please visit:

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The CDC releases information related to travel and risk assessments by area. For CDC updates, please visit:

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TSA now allows hand sanitizer up to 12 oz in your carry-on until further notice. Place loose items in your carry-on not in the bin. For more from the TSA, please visit:

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Mayo Clinic has helpful COVID-19 information and steps for prevention. To learn more, please visit:

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