Safe Travel

Employees wearing masks

Your health and safety is our priority. 

Gate at RST

  • Enhanced cleaning measures are in place in the terminal.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for you in all areas.
  • The TSA Checkpoint may close for brief periods, always reopening with sufficient time to clear security prior to your flight.
  • The parking lot is fully-automated. Cash is accepted only at the pay station in the terminal. Credit cards can be used at any entrance/exit. Please use the intercom for assistance if needed.

RST Covid 19 procedures

Airlines will continue to adjust flight schedules based on demand. For airline updates, please visit:

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The CDC releases information related to travel and risk assessments by area. For CDC updates, please visit:

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TSA now allows hand sanitizer up to 12 oz in your carry-on until further notice. Place loose items in your carry-on not in the bin. For more from the TSA, please visit:

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Mayo Clinic has helpful COVID-19 information and steps for prevention. To learn more, please visit:

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