At RST, we don’t just care about keeping the runway open during inclement weather, or maintaining a clean terminal, we truly care about the people we serve — our passengers. Watch the videos below to learn more about OURSTORY!

John, RST Executive Director

Meet John, Executive Director of the Rochester International Airport.  John tells us about the many activities taking place behind the scenes at the airport every day and how it truly takes a great team to make them all happen.  Learn from John about the importance of choosing to Fly Local.  We thank you for Flying RST!

Mona, Customer Service Manager

Meet Mona, a Customer Service Manager at Rochester International Airport. She was born and raised in Germany, moved to Minnesota in 1991 and began working at RST in 2005. She does everything from checking passengers in for their flights to loading bags onto the plane and everything in between. Watch the video to get to know her!


Cynthia, RST Passenger / Mayo Clinic Patient

Cynthia is a Mayo Clinic patient who travels to RST from Kansas for treatment. She chooses RST because it makes her travel experience easy. But don’t take it from us, watch the video and hear what Cynthia has to say!


Rick, Customer Service Agent Manager

Rick has been at RST for nearly nine years and knows all about caring for patient travelers. Watch the video to see how Rick and RST care for all passengers as well as provide extra support for those needing assistance as they travel to and from the Mayo Clinic.


Mitch, Airport Maintenance

Mitch has been a dedicated Airport Maintenance employee for eight years.  The Airport staff not only keep the airfield safe and secure, they take pride in going above and beyond to help our passengers.  Watch the video to learn how the staff at RST put the “Customer-First”.

Eric, RST Passenger / International Traveler

Eric travels the world to bring hope and inspiration to people through art and speaking.  Eric chooses to Fly RST because of the convenience, flexibility, and the personal service.  Watch the video to see how RST helps Eric invest his time wisely.