General Aviation

General aviation (GA) encompasses all civilian flying except scheduled passenger airlines. GA includes flying many different types of aircraft and purposes for flying. RST is frequented by corporate jet travel, air ambulance operations, and international aircraft arrivals.

The Southeastern Minnesota Flying Club (SEMFC) is based at RST. Established in 1958, SEMFC is the oldest flying club in the Upper Midwest and one of the oldest flying clubs in the country. Learn more about the Flying Club.

Spectrum Pilot Services provides comprehensive pilot services to pilots at the Rochester International Airport, including Flight Training, Air Charter, and Pilot Supplies for both based and transient aircraft. Working with partners at North Iowa Air Service, they complete the spectrum of aviation services. Learn more about Spectrum Pilot Services.

Private Jet Solutions utilizes a network of best-in-class operators to customize a solution to your specific flight requirements.  Charter, aircraft management, and aircraft brokerage services are available.  Learn more about Private Jet Solutions.